Webinar on Data Analytics
Webinar on Data Analytics

Webinar on Data Analytics

Vast volumes of data are getting generated daily, in the form of log files, web servers, transactional data, various customer-related data, data generated from social media etc.  Companies ideally need to use all of their generated data to derive value out of it and make impactful business decisions. Data analytics is used to drive this purpose.

To give insights about the importance of Data Analytics in IT field, Ekalaiv Tech Private Limited had arranged this webinar for Thamabharani Engineering College students. Around 150 participants attended this webinar.

Webinar on Data Analytics     Webinar on Data Analytics     Webinar on Data Analytics

Webinar Presenter: Mr.Lakshman Babu, Co-founder & Director, Techgenzi Private Limited. During this webinar, the presenter detailed about the following aspects:

  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics applications
  • Career opportunities for Data analyst
  • Types of Data Analytics